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Celebrity Focus Connects Famous People with Famous Brands.

Over 35 years & 4,400 deals.

We've seen & done it all.

We'll find the perfect fit to tell your story.

We'll help you find the right person.

Every time.


We do it better than anyone else, by providing expert counsel and using our 35+ years of experience to craft the best and most productive relationships; providing celebrities and expert talent to our clients for their advertising, PR, promotional, marketing and hospitality needs.


Always on budget and on time, with i's dotted and t's crossed. You'll get the best results, insuring the right investment and perfect deliverables, for each engagement, every time. Start to finish, we 're there. Managing, guiding and executing the process. Soup to nuts.

Ric Bachrach

Founder & CEO


"Our client, a 100 year-old blue jeans manufacturer, launched a new private label with edgy attitude and rock & roll flair. They needed a spokesperson with just the right look and an even better hook. Model Theodora Richards, Keith’s daughter, brought all that and more. She hit the high notes and became the face of 4 Stroke. Ric and his team orchestrated this success, and they did it masterfully.” 

Jake S. - (fmr.) Omnicom

All Muscle, No Fat

No 'get rich quick schemes' in our world, just sound strategy supported by intelligent tactics. Because every deal is unique and our job is finding the best way to get the deal done. We take our craft seriously. When we do our job right (which we always do), then you can focus on what you do best; whether that's creating a great ad campaign, PR initiative, media tour, social program, corporate meeting or entertaining your guests at a very special event.  


We handle the celebrity talent so you don't have to. Quickly, effectively. Working with your budgets and objectives. We like to say "we know the beast because we've been the beast". We get it, as we started on the rep side of the  business. Celebrities tell your story and extend your brand. With your messages. In your words. Volume purchase power. Exceptional market knowledge. All muscle, no fat. Working for you. 

Celebrity $ells

Increases Stock Value & Sales, Value Over Competition, Enhances Brand Image, Market Share & Brand Reassurance*

*'The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements'; Harvard Business School & Barclays Capital, Journal of Advertising Research; 'Nothing Sells Like Celebrity', New York Times

DNA of Celebrity-Brand Partnership

DNA of Celebrity Brand Partnership_edite

We Guide You From A to Z

From “Where do we start?”
to “Who's the best fit for us?”
and “How do we get them for the right price?”

We handle everything.
Research, negotiations, logistics, and contracts.

Your one-stop shop.
Finding and signing the right celebrity for your brand.

Done right. Every time.

Since 1987, 

in every medium, we’ve built massive amounts of audience trust for our clients.

Ready to work together? Have your people call our people.

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