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… but don’t take our word for it

the results speak for themselves...


“invaluable partner in addressing my clients' celebrity needs... great sense strategically - both to represent the  brand and resonate with the target audience.”

Joe M. - Edelman


“a great partner throughout the years. We’ve collaborated on a number of high profile deals... as detail oriented and conscientious as anyone.”

Russ S. - GSE


“my go-to source for celebrities and experts for endorsements, appearances and so much more... they've always delivered... reliable, smart, professional and a pleasure to work with.” 

Allan W. -  Italia Partners


“business partner and valued specialist for me and my clients for over 30 years... our go-to resource to get a deal done.”

Bryan S. - IMS


“an absolute pleasure to work with.”

David S. - Ruder Finn


“gifted strategists and tough negotiators who are absolutely committed to maximizing opportunities for their clients.” 

Mike S. - Sword Entertainment


“quickly and accurately assesses situations and successfully implements a strategy to achieve great outcomes."

Jesse K -


"consummate sports & entertainment marketers... deep knowledge of talent and their representation.... commitment to "win-win-win" deals.”

Nat S. - JWT


“ability to assess, identify and focus on what’s most important to achieving great results is what makes them so valuable to our team. On our side, every time.”

Bill K - RRI


“Gets the job done for you 100% of the time. No excuses.”

Tom D. - GCI

Concrete Wall

We Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb!

We polled 50 of our clients, and here are the words they used to describe us:

Our Skills:

astute, capable, focused, persistent, perceptive, well-connected, strategic, current, agile, driven, savvy, follow-through, forward-thinking, perseverance, tenacity, diplomatic, innovative.

Our Attitude:

bold, creative, receptive, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, calm, visionary, negotiator, thorough, no-nonsense, confident, determined, authoritative, wise, motivated, client-focused.

Our Process:

responsive, turn-key, streamlined, reliable, flexible, hands-on, efficient, cost-effective, fast, helpful, collaborative, team-oriented.

Our Reputation:

connected, experts, trusted, match-maker, established, professional, partner, effective, reputable, seasoned, results-oriented, knowledgeable, mensch, grounded, open-minded, ethical, fair, dependable, credible.

We’ll make the process feel as good as the results. 

Let's Talk.

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