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Leather Craftsman

“This is a group of strategic minded, highly professional people.

Real craftspeople at their trade.”  Todd W. - Comcast


Our origin story

Because every hero has a backstory.

In 1987, Ric Bachrach realized he could use his years of experience as a talent rep to help agencies and brands. He was able to even the playing field for clients, to make sure every deal led to win-win solutions. Decades later, Celebrity Focus has one of the most impressive track records in the business.

Always accessible. Ready to help.

You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your team

Our all-star cast

CEO (El Jefe, Chairman, The Mayor, El Presidenté)

Ric Bachrach

Ric Bachrach is the founder, President and CEO of Celebrity Focus. He's been involved with the creation of more than 4,400 connections between celebrities & brands.  You name it, he's done it: endorsements, spokespersons for PR & advertising, licensing, promotional & educational campaigns, appearances, hospitality, keynote speakers and other engagements where fame and communications skills provide significant impact. From Amazon to Zenith, Allergan to Zyrtec & Burnett to Zimmerman, Bachrach has worked with many of the most well-known brands, agencies & non-profits around the globe.

Ric Updated.jpeg

Ric is a member of the Executive Committees of PRSA's Independent Practitioners Alliance & Entertainment and Sports sections, a sponsor & board member of PRSA Chicago and a sponsor & member of PRSA's Counselors Academy.

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Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 10.24_edited.png
Image by Alesia Kazantceva

"If you want to deal with a direct and honest guy who always knows the facts, plays by the rules, is both agile and sharp; Ric Bachrach is about the only game in town."  Danny M. - Kansatsu-Ka

99 problems and we’ve got a solution to all of them

Meet the A-List of Celebrity Focus experts and consultants. No matter what your challenge, assignment or communications project, we’ve got you covered. Our team is the best-of-the-best.
Well-seasoned pros: Designated For Assignment.

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Christopher Martin

VP, Production & Content

Glenn Levy

Glenn Levy

VP, Business Affairs

Daniel Bachrach

Daniel Bachrach

Agent, Partner Development

Brian David.jpeg

Brian David

Agent, Partner Development


Jack Tompkins

Agent, Partner Development


Bart Graham, Sr.


Dave Place - Headshot.jpg

Dave Place

Web Design


Matt Gilliss

Creative Director


Wendy Kurtz, APR

Senior Consultant


J.W. Arnold, APR

Senior Consultant


Lauren Howe

Senior Consultant

Della option 2.jpg

Della Burns

Senior Consultant

LTaylor - Square.JPEG

Lisa Taylor

Senior Consultant


Judy Grossman

Senior Consultant

Gina Blume Headshot.jpg

Gina Blume, APR

Senior Consultant


Philip Tate, APR

Senior Consultant

spike wider.png

Spike Manton

Senior Consultant

0BA34405-7D1F-4D45-902F-46D5C1C3E41B 2.JPG

Christopher Martin

VP, Production & Content

Concrete Wall

Results you can count on.

And on. And on.

Real Results. We’ll save you time, money and resources while getting you the results you want. We'll work with your team to quantify the success of your brand-celebrity partnership.

Experience Matters.

The experience. The reps. The follow-through. The results. The results. The results. After 38+ years in the business & 4,400+ successful deals, we offer three things few can match.

1. Exceptional market knowledge
2. Top industry contacts
3. Volume purchase power. 
We’ll use all three to maximize your celebrity connection.

Experts working for you.

We're celebrity-relationship experts. Kind of like a dating service for talent and brands. Since we started as representatives for celebrity talent, we understand every side of celebrity-brand relationships. We know how celebrities, agents and managers think. We know how to win them over. 

Attention. Laser-focused attention.

Not only that, you’re getting the owner. (And his 100,000 hours of experience.) We won't pass you off to a newbie. You get Ric, Ric, and more Ric, plus direct access to his A-List. You'll have our attention, time, and experience - all indispensable in the celebrity, communications and video production business.  

Success. It starts with service.

Black Card level service.
We don’t just help you make a deal with a celebrity - we give you confident guidance & expert counsel throughout the entire process. We are your advocate. We work for you. You’d be surprised how far we go to make sure you succeed. We want your business and we'll do what we need to do to keep it.

Since 1987, 

in every medium, we’ve built massive amounts of audience trust for our clients.

Now that you know us, let us get to know you.

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